April Dinner Meeting

We would like to invite everyone to join us for our April Dinner Meeting on 24th April 2019.

Dr. G Balamurugan is back! He was a speaker in one of KCKL’s Dinner Meeting last year. He likes us so much that he joined the Kiwanis family with KCKK.

This time Dr. Bala will tell us stories from the Malay Archipelago. The Malay Archipelago or the Nusantara has had a long and colorful history. Given its strategic location between China, India and Arabia, the region has been a bustling hub for trade for over 2000 years. Kings, Sultans, pirates, merchants, missionaries and sailors traveled the seas in Nusantara seeking power and wealth and they in turn influenced and shaped the region.

Our history books, unfortunately, do not do justice to the rich history of Nusantara. They often focus on the colonial era and push everything else to little more than a footnote. In this talk, Dr. Bala will share some very interesting stories from the past 2000 years – about the characters and events that help shape the region. The history of Nusantara is so rich that it has to be told over and over again.

Dr. Bala is also the very popular aka Monyet King blogger. If you are a fan of the Monyet King, please come join us and meet him in person and hear his interesting and entertaining stories.

Details of the our April Dinner Meeting is listed in our poster below. Please pm us to make your RSVP.


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