KCKK #KitaJagaKita Meals Project

Fundraising Manager Contact

Jackie Lim


The KCKK #KitaJagaKita Meals Project is an initiative to provide meals to the individuals affected by the Covid10 Pandemic. The first identified area that is currently receiving meals from this project is the B40 and unemployed from the Bukit Gasing Area of Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

The KCKK #KitaJagaKita Meals Project would also be supporting local restaurant operators through engaging them in supplying the meals or via collaboration.

Since August 2021, we have provided 500 meals to residents at 2 locations; Gasing Indah PPR and PJ Old Town. While more locations are to be identified, we will primarily focus on the PJ Old Town area.

PJ Old Town is the first settlement and the oldest urban area within the city of Petaling Jaya. Today, the residents in PJ Old Town consist mostly of senior citizens, and many of them live alone, widowed or their children moved out to resettle. This place is also homes to many legal and illegal foreign workers. When the EMCO (full lockdown) was extended, many of these seniors and the foreign workers are affected drastically. Many of them lost their jobs or do not have enough to eat.

Schedule for KCKK #KitaJagaKita Meal Project

1/8/2021   Sunday 5pm @ Gasing Indah Flats – 100 pkts
13/9/2021 Monday 5pm @ PJ Old Town – 100 pkts
14/9/2021 Tuesday 5pm @ PJ Old Town – 100 pkts
15/9/2021 Wednesday 5pm @ PJ Old Town – 100 pkts
16/9/2021 Thursday 5pm @ PJ Old Town – 100 pkts



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